breathe in, breathe out

let's not get ahead of ourselves

or try to rewind

because all we are left with

is but a mere selection, all to hold onto--

of words spoken,

hearts broken

the laughter shared,

tears shed

new ventures,

and dreaded departures

soon will fade into distant memory

here we may be with weary hearts and tired souls

all we know is grief and sorrow

anxiety holding us back

not knowing what's ahead

a searching for self

trying to remember who we are

in the mess and chaos

and breaking

but remember the grace that brought you here

and by grace may your new year be of renewal

may it be full of joy amidst trials

and may peace guard out anxieties.

that your soul may find truth

and be restored.

find life in new conversations

take new risks, trust in the unknown.

and about all, love.

love unconditionally in deed and word

love with a heart fuller than before

most importantly, live life loved.

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